Sotero Ransomware Protection

Can you detect & stop ransomware attacks in a split second?

We can!

Behavior-based anomaly detection detects & stops an attack at the data level in real-time.

Worried about zero-day attacks? Unknown attacks are detected & stopped in 2 minutes or less. Immediately know what files have been impacted with audit logs for a shorter recovery time.

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See what Sotero's Ransomware Protection solution can do for your organization.

"It's not a matter of 'if' an attack will happen, but 'when'. With Sotero, we can immediately detect, isolate and stop an attack to keep it from infecting the rest of the company."

- VP of IT & Governance Risk at a Financial Services Company


Sotero Ransomware Protection

Extend ransomware protection into mounted data stores and the cloud to defend unstructured data from attack. 

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Evolved Ransomware Attacks Require a Revolutionary Solution

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"Sotero provides the encryption layer between databases and applications that engineers can leverage without compromising data or lower segmented systems in charge that are missing the required levels of security."

Amit Venugopal, VP, CIO at Sovos