The Ransomware Solution

A Data-First Approach That Puts an End
to Ransomware Havoc

“As a cloud-based platform in healthcare, the ability to secure PHI is a key aspect of our data security commitment to our clients. Sotero enables us to meet and exceed these requirements. We chose Sotero because it allows us to keep PHI data secure during access.”

Murali Menon Founder, CTO – ClinicalBox

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We’re disrupting the cyber threat landscape.

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Sotero detects and stops attacks in minutes.

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Granularly identifies any impacted assets for a rapid and total recovery.

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Stolen data is unusable to attackers due to our patented in-use encryption.

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Seamlessly Integrates across various cloud services and internal data stores for all data types.

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Easy to use encryption and key management without latency

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Simple deployment, agentless integration and scalable solution.

Soteo Knights in Armor

We won’t let ransomware happen to you.

When the attackers break through the castle's defenses, Sotero, like an army of armored knights, is there protecting the kingdom's most valuable treasure — the data. 

With this inner layer of direct protection including real-time threat detection and patented in-use encryption, the cyber raiders cannot take what's most precious. Sotero keeps your kingdom and your data secure, no matter what.

Ransomware Protection Table and Visual Comparison

Sotero is providing a pathway to a safer future for your business. Protecting your customers' data and your bottom line is our top priority.

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