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Ransomware Protection at
the Data Level

   Extends ransomware protection into the cloud

   Protects data at scale without degradation of performance

   Defense against ransomware data theft

   Seamless integration with existing cloud deployments

   Active monitoring of ransomware attacks to protect data before it is compromised

   Provides in-depth visibility for administrators into file utilization and modification

   Layers over existing encryption solutions, taking advantage of the proprietary machine learning model to rapidly identify patterns

The Sotero Data Security Platform

   Single-pane data security management for a true 360° view

   Encryption of data in use, at rest and in transit

   Encryption of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data

   Customer-owned encryption ensuring no external access to the encryption key

   Meet regulatory compliance – HIPAA, GDPR & CCPA and more

   Granular privacy (Role and attribute-based access control)



"Sotero provides the encryption layer between databases and applications that engineers can leverage without compromising data or lower segmented systems in charge that are missing the required levels of security."

Amit Venugopal, VP, CIO at Sovos