Advanced Data Security for
SharePoint and OneDrive

With Sotero Integration

Integrating Sotero with SharePoint allows organizations to significantly boost their defense mechanisms against data breaches, unauthorized access, and ransomware attacks, ensuring the safety and integrity of their critical data.

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Organizations face increasing threats of data breaches and unauthorized data access in their SharePoint environment, which stores critical data.

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Bolster SharePoint Security with Sotero

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Ransomware Protection
Sotero’s active ransomware protection mechanisms offer an additional layer of security against emerging cyber threats, protecting the company’s data from malicious encryption and loss.

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Threat Detection & Prevention
Sotero detects any anomalous events and immediately triggers an alert.

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Granular Access Control
With Sotero, the company can implement more detailed access controls, allowing only authorized personnel to access specific data sets, thereby minimizing the risk of internal data misuse.

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Enhanced Encryption
Sotero's advanced encryption technology provides a stronger layer of security, ensuring that sensitive data is protected from breaches.

Vulnerabilities in SharePoint's Security Model

These aspects point to areas where SharePoint's native security features might need supplementation through external security solutions like Sotero, which can offer additional layers of protection and control.

Admins Accessing Sensitive Data

While SharePoint allows administrators to have broad access, including to sensitive data, this can pose a risk if admin accounts are compromised. The wide access privileges of admins, if not carefully controlled, can become a vulnerability.

Lack of Ransomware Protection

SharePoint does not include specific ransomware protection features. This leaves the system potentially vulnerable to such attacks, which can encrypt critical data and disrupt operations.

Insufficient Breach Protection

Although SharePoint offers some security features, it may not provide comprehensive protection against all types of data breaches. The platform relies on additional tools and practices for robust defense against sophisticated cyber threats.

Why do I need Sotero if I already have ransomware protection?


Why do I need Sotero if I already have encryption?

Avoid lock-ins and vulnerabilities with our platform that seamlessly integrates across various cloud service providers and internal data resources, ensuring flexibility and enhanced security with easy-to-use encryption and key management.

Performance tax?

Advanced encryption without Latency. Experience simple deployment, agentless integration, and scalable security, all while maintaining optimal performance.

How does Sotero facilitate recovery?

With Sotero’s ability to detect and stop an attack in minutes, the volume of data impacted is minimal. Sotero is able to identify the files impacted and enable a clinical restore in minutes.

"Sotero provides the encryption layer between databases and applications that engineers can leverage without compromising data or lower segmented systems in charge that are missing the required levels of security."

Amit Venugopal, VP, CIO at Sovos

“As a cloud-based platform in healthcare, the ability to secure PHI is a key aspect of our data security commitment to our clients. Sotero enables us to meet and exceed these requirements. We chose Sotero because it allows us to keep PHI data secure during access.”

Murali Menon Founder, CTO – ClinicalBox

"Unlike other vendors in the data security market, Sotero scales with our client's needs, its REST API expands its platform's usability to non-coders."

Jaime R. Michel Juárez  – AppTec

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