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Enabling Secure Data Sharing for the Marketing Industry

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Data sharing is the lifeblood of the marketing industry.  Technology and security companies have been slow to recognize the opportunity to enable organizations to share data in a secure manner,  data security products, today, focus on securing data in siloed storage.  Enabling security in multi party, multi user environments where the data can easily flow between partners is key to helping marketing companies build trusted data sharing platforms.  Emerging regulations are requiring partners and vendors to adopt security and privacy practices to remain compliant.  To make matters worse, with EU courts declaring that the US Privacy Shield did not adequately protect the data of EU citizens, the burden is back on organizations to comply comprehensively with GDPR regulations.

Featuring Special Guests:

  • Carol Meyers, Former CMO Rapid7
  • Pat Dineen, CIO at Nielsen
  • George Coruguedo, CTO at Redpoint Global
  • Purandar Das, CEO at Sotero

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On Demand Webinar